State v. Moore

The Supreme Court vacated Defendant's sentence in part and remanded for resentencing, holding that the district court, on remand, did not comply with the mandate of the Supreme Court by changing Defendant's life sentence from running concurrent with, to consecutive to, Defendant's sentences for his two nonvacated on-grid crimes. The Supreme Court vacated the original hard fifty life sentence for Defendant's premeditated first-degree murder conviction because the sentence was unconstitutional. On remand, the district court imposed a hard twenty-five life sentence for that conviction and changed the life sentence from concurrent with, to consecutive to, the sentences for convictions for Defendant's two on-grid crimes. The court also changed Defendant's nonvacated sentences in length and sequence. The Supreme Court vacated the sentence in part, holding (1) the district court erred on remand by changing the life sentence; and (2) the court also erred by modifying Defendant's two nonvacated, on-grid sentences. View "State v. Moore" on Justia Law